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Premium Quality Yet Affordable Heavy Duty Towing Services in the Elk Grove

If you live anywhere in Elk Grove, CA and own a heavy-duty vehicle such as a pickup truck, an SUV, a trailer, an RV, or maybe even a stretch limousine, chances are you’re going to be in need of a heavy-duty tow service at some point. It’s time to get acquainted with your future first responder and assistance specialist while you’re out on the road—Prima Towing.

Available 24/7, all year round, ready when you are, arrives on time

Unlike other towing companies out there, we actually know how to deliver high-quality services on time to our customers. No matter what time of the day it is and regardless of the weather and traffic conditions, our clients can be assured that our heavy-duty tow truck drivers will get to their location in the shortest amount of time possible. All our tow trucks are GPS-equipped so our drivers always know where to go—plus, they’re all residents of Elk Grove, CA and are very familiarized with the area. Even if you’re stuck on a back road or hard-to-find ditch, our drivers will be able to get to you on time.

We also prioritize customers calling in the middle of emergencies, from minor fender benders to major roadside accidents requiring immediate attention. That’s because we’re aware of how stressful it can be for a customer in those kinds of situations and how the sight of first responders and roadside assistance specialists are a cause of relief.

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High-quality heavy-duty services at affordable prices

We don’t take advantage of the fact that you own a heavy-duty vehicle such as an SUV, trailer, or truck, and therefore, are highly capable of paying good money for vehicle-related roadside services and maintenance. We know just how costly it can be to maintain any heavy-duty vehicle, keep its engine running and in good condition, fill it with gas and water, replace its heavy-duty tires, and so forth. That’s why we strive to keep our prices as low and as competitive as possible. We don’t believe in hidden charges or other fees and are upfront about it to our customers. That way, they know what they’re getting and how much they’re paying for it.


At the same time, we don’t compromise good service just because our rates are low. Our heavy-duty trucks are made for hauling heavy vehicles. Our towing equipment is always well-maintained, to make sure no damage is done to any part of the vehicle being towed. We also have a wide-ranging fleet of trucks so no matter what type of heavy-duty vehicle you drive, you can guarantee we can tow it.

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If you want to know more about our heavy-duty towing services, are interested in getting an estimate or quote, or would like to know more about the other towing and roadside assistance services we offer for other types of vehicles, call us now! You can also go to our website to check out the numerous client testimonials we have and read more about other services we offer aside from towing, including locksmith and roadside assistance.

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